Can my son/ daughter play flag football and basketball, don't they overlap?
Yes they do, we try and make arrangements not to schedule games at the same time. 

Do you have baseball in the summer or fall?
No, we only do spring baseball. Basketball, Soccer and Girls swimming are in the Fall/ winter. 

What happens if I register and we decide we don't want our son/daughter to play anymore?
We will refund your fee, minus uniform cost (if you receive one) and the online registration fee. 

What happens if I lose the uniform or destroy it in the dryer?
You are responsible for the uniform, we would have to custom order another one at your expense. 

What happens if I order the wrong size uniform?
We don't make them, nor keep them in stock, you may have to order a new one at your expense or trade with another team mate. 

Can I use last year's uniform if I need to?
Yes, but remember that they are numbered on the back, so you can't have the same number as someone else on the team and you must tell your coach because he may have you on the roster with the old number. If a player is caught with the wrong number it may cost the team a penalty. 

What should I do if we can't make a practice or a game?
As a courtesy to your teammates and coach you should let the coach know ASAP. This may determine if he/she should hold practice or reschedule a game. 

Can my son/daughter play up a level?
Yes but they can't play down. Something because of team count it is not possible but we will try to accommodate. 

Why do we have to register so early if we are not playing for another month or two?
We belong to leagues with a lot of teams. It take time to schedule these games. Example: Baseball has 175 teams and over 1500 games are played in less than 3 months. 

What if our team is making communion, confirmation or graduating on a day that we have a game scheduled?
It is important that you let the coach know before the season starts. Changing game days may affect 5 or 6 other games to reschedule.