aGe Range

T-Ball League (OLF) - ages 5,6 and 7 
Pony League - ages 7 and 8 
Cub League - ages 8 and 10 
Bantam League - ages 11 and 12 
Super Bantam - age 13 
Grasshopper League - ages 13 and 15 
Freshman League - ages 15-17 
Girls Mustang league - ages 8-10 
Girls Bronco league - ages 11,12 
Girls Colt league - age 15 
Freshwomen League - ages 15-17


What is T-ball?

T-Ball is an entry-level league to introduce young players to baseball. Players will develop their skills while focusing on the basic fundamentals of throwing, fielding and hitting.Teams sizes are small at about 8-12 players per team. Players all hit from an adjustable batting tee. RIF (reduced injury factor) baseballs are used.

What is Prospect Park Baseball?

The Prospect Park Baseball Association (PPBA) administers a youth co-ed baseball and softball league for ages 7-17 in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. With over 2500 players, it is one of the biggest youth leagues in the United States. The season runs from the beginning of April to mid-June, and most registration occurs December-February. The league is made up of eight local organizations.To sign up, click the sign up tab in the top left of the screen. 
Baseball registration starts January 18th.

PPBA Rules